LWVNOW Natural Resources Advocacy

LWVNOW is partnering with LWVABC (the League of Women Voters of Ashland and Bayfield Counties) to address natural resource issues that affect our portions of the Great Lakes region and the Mississippi River watershed.  Watch for postings on LATEST NEWS and CALENDAR for articles, links and upcoming events related to the categories listed below.

LWVNOW is also building an e-library of information useful to the voting public regarding the topics pictured below. This will include books, essays, newspaper articles, websites, webcasts, blogs, research papers, etc.  We want to draw attention to the best presentations of all sides of disputed issues. Feel free to suggest additions to this library via our CONTACT page.

The categories below are, of course, arbitrary since our environment is an interrelated web, not a composition of distinct entities. Often, what affects one affects the others, too.


Air & Land

blue sky birches.jpg





Great Lakes Ecosystem

Great Lakes Ecosystem.jpg





Waste Management

solid waste management.jpg

& Enforcement

standards enforcement.jpg


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LWV Natural Resources Advocacy

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