2018 Midterm Election Observation Report Released

The League of Women Voters of Wisconsin (LWVWI) and Wisconsin Election Protection publicly released the Wisconsin Election Protection 2018 Midterm Election Report today. 

“The League trained and placed 278 volunteer observers in 497 polling sites across the state for the November Election. The LWVWI election observers play an important role in documenting what actually happens on Election Day, so we can see what the voter experience is like in Wisconsin. Their observations are instrumental in making informed recommendations to improve Wisconsin’s elections and ensure all eligible voters are able to cast their vote,” said Eileen Newcomer, LWVWI’s Voter Education Coordinator.

“In general, we were pleased with how things went on Election Day,” added Karyn Rotker, a member of the Wisconsin Election Protection Legal Coordinating Committee “That being said, there are a few common areas that need some attention like understanding proof or residence and photo ID requirements, ensuring provisional ballots are offered to all registered voters not meeting the photo ID requirement, and ensuring polling places are accessible to all voters.”

The report contains specific examples of difficulties voters experienced as well as problems election officials faced on Election Day. The report concludes with recommendations for improving elections and voter participation including better voter education, more election official training, maintaining Election Day registration, and more access to acceptable forms of proof of residence documentation and photo IDs.

The full report can be accessed here through the LWVWI website.