New Project (VERAP) Comes to the Northwoods

Voter Education and Registration Assistance Project comes to the Northwoods

The League of Women Voters of the Northwoods (LWVNOW) is pleased to announce the Voter Education and Registration Assistance Project (VERAP), an innovative new project it is offering to libraries in the Northwoods. Libraries are an essential resource in our communities, librarians are information specialists, and both are at the heart of this initiative.

The primary project goal is offering community members an additional location where they can self-register to vote and learn what else they need when they vote. The LWVNOW will provide each library with Instructional Notebooks for patrons to use at library computers for self-registering to vote, either online at or via paper registration.

LWVNOW will also provide libraries with a Resource Notebook containing up-to-date information on the many questions voters frequently ask: When is the next election? Where do I vote? How can I vote absentee? Who are the candidates on my ballot? Who is my municipal clerk? What is an acceptable proof of my residence? and what can I use as my photo ID?

We have included municipal and county clerks in all written correspondence in the hope they will support this effort. League members will be available to train library staff. There will be updates as laws and information changes. We hope to establish VERAP in as many cities in our six-county region as we can.

VERAP was inspired by collaborations between the Kenosha Public Library and their City Clerk’s office; and by the LWV of Milwaukee County, Milwaukee School District and the Milwaukee Elections Commission.

LWVNOW, a chapter of the US and Wisconsin League of Women Voters, is a nonpartisan political organization that neither supports nor opposes candidates for office at any level of government. You can contact us at


The Notebooks are available on our Voter Information webpage.